Thursday, March 13, 2014

Making the World a Better Place

What can I do today to make my world a better place?

I can begin to declutter my mind, my environment, my life.
I often just want God to bless my mess, and I don't think that's going to happen.  Spring is the perfect time
to start to rid myself of the things that are just taking up space with no purpose.  I'm sure you have those piles in corners of your mind and guest bedrooms, too.   I want to begin giving away things that are no longer useful.  I began this process a couple of years ago by cleaning out my attic of old games and books that I really wasn't saving for future grandchildren.  (That was just my excuse for not taking to them to the local shelter.)  There's a sort of relief that comes from parting with things that don't have purpose in your space.  If it's taking up space, then it should be of some importance, otherwise, what's the point.

I think this spring I'll make a point of making my mind less cluttered, too.  I'm going to be more introspective about what I spend my energies and thought on and see if I can become more productive in my thoughts and actions.  Clutter can cause you to feel uncomfortable in your own space.  I think it's time for a good spring cleaning.

Care to join me?

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