Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Professional Development Conference at Delmar

Today I participated in several Professional Development sessions at DMSHS. The sessions were informative and helpful. Ann Lewis was an excellent presenter who encouraged ELA teachers to use specific strategies to enable students to become proficient readers and writers. Aleta Lewis, and Stephanie Miller shared strategies with teachers and paraprofessionals that would easily be transferred into the classrooms across a variety of content areas. The school district welcomed teachers from Laurel and Seaford to participate in the Sussex County Organization to Raise ELA Scores session 2. Thank you to Mr. Shawn Larrimore for putting together such a fine professional development workshop.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Twitter another Web 2.0 tool

Well, I'm experiencing cognitive dissonance again. I have tried my hand at adding another Web 2.0 tool to my arsenal. I joined Twitter and added the content to this blog. I want to see how it works and how it might be useful in a classroom setting. You can try it out, too, and then I won't feel so alone. DNB